Octopus with Ouzo

Octopus with Ouzo.
Patricia Vasos
  • Octopus with Ouzo.
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    Octopus with Ouzo. A Greek recipe for Octopus with the famous aperitif Ouzo.

Main ingredients

Cooking Method

Baking and Sauté


4 Servings

octopus tentacles 8 whole,uncut,cleaned and dried
feta cheese,crumbled 1 cup
green bell pepper,chopped chunky 1 large
yellow bell pepper,chopped chunky 1 large
tomato,chopped 1 large
garlic cloves,chopped 2
diced tomato in sauce 1 ¾ cup
greek oregano,fresh or dry 1 ½ tablespoons
greek extra virgin olive oil ¼ cup
ouzo 2 tablespoons
lemon ½ zest only
salt and pepper to taste
fresh flat-leaf parsley ¼ cup
fresh bread to serve
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