For thousands of years, wine has played an important part in the Greek culture.  Let’s not forget from Mythology, the God of wine was Dionysus.  In the last few decades, Greek winemakers have undergone sensational improvements on the production quality and uniqueness of more than 300 indigenous grape varieties grown throughout Greece.  These winemakers have invested in modern technology and time into making a mark internationally regarding Greek wines.


With all the different grape varieties, these distinct flavors are becoming more and more appreciated around the world.  Here are a few popular types:



Moschofilero grapes have a grayish color skin that is crisp and aromatic with a floral scent and a hint of spice.  It is from the region of Mantinia, in the central part of the Peloponnese.



Assyrtiko is a dry multi-purpose white grape that has an earthy aftertaste.  This is due to it being first cultivated in Santorini which has lots of volcanic soil.



Agiorghitiko is from the region of Nemea, southwest of Athens, in the Peloponnese.  It is considered to be one of the noblest Greek red grapes that have an incredible aromatic flavor with a rich red color.



Mavrodaphne means black laurel.  It is found in the Ionian Islands and Peloponnesian regions of Achaia. The Mavrodaphne grape, a late-harvest grape, has been mixed with the Korinthiaki grape to produce a delicious dessert wine called Mavrodaphne.


With all the efforts, changes and passion of these new generation Greek winemakers, they are attracting international attention for the fantastic character that many Greek wines have today.  People from all over the world are embracing Greek wines due to its quality and sophistication.