Mastiha Mousse

Mastiha Mousse
Patricia Vasos
  • Mastiha Mousse
  • Description
    An elegant creamy mousse flavored with the Greek spirit Mastiha and vanilla

Preparation time: 10 minutes'
Cooking Time: 25 minutes, 4 hours in the refrigerator'
Total Time: 35 minutes, 4 hours in the refrigerator'

Main ingredients

mastiha, heavy cream

Cooking Method

Stirring and Refrigeration


4 Servings

mastiha 2 tablespoons
heavy cream 2 ¼ cups
egg yolks .07 ounces (2 ml) or 1 ½ sheets
egg yolk 3 large
sugar ⅓ cup
vanilla bean,seeds scraped from the pod 1
orange peel 1
almonds,sliced and toasted ¼ cup
How to cook

  • In a bowl, with very cold water, soak the gelatin sheets.
  • Add the heavy cream, vanilla and orange peel in a pot.  Stir. Cover and bring to a boil.  Once it boils turn down making sure to keep it covered so its keeps its entire aroma in the cream.
  • In a double boiler, add the sugar and egg yolks one at a time.  Continually stir until it becomes creamy.  Make sure you don’t leave the mixture over the boiling pot of water because the sugar, as does salt, cooks the eggs and we want to avoid this.
  • In the egg mixture, add the Mastiha or any other type of liqueur you prefer.
  • Remove the vanilla bean and orange peel and add the heavy cream mixture into the egg mixture.  Stirring over the double boiler for several minutes.
  • Squeeze the excess water from the gelatin sheets and add to the mixture.  Turn off the heat and stir for 1 minute.
  • Tip #1: with a clean spoon, dip it in the mixture and on the back side run your finger across the middle of the spoon.  If the mixture stays in place and does not drip into the clean part of the spoon you know the mixture is ready.  This tip helps in to not use a thermometer.
  • Tip #2: The longer the mixture sits and cools the more intense the aromas and flavors will be.
  • To make sure we do not have any pieces of the gelatin floating or pieces of cooked egg, pour through a fine-mesh sieve strain the cream and pour into a pitcher (makes easy to pour into bowls).  Cool to room temperature.
  • In small glass bowls or small coffee cups add ¼ cup of crushed cookies.  Pour the cooled mixture ¾ the way up the bowl.  We want to leave room for topping cookies before serving.
  • Important: Cover with plastic wrap to avoid crusting and refrigerate until the mouse thickens (3-4 hours).
  • Sprinkle toasted sliced almonds.

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